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Need a new Logo Design?

You woke up one day and said, ENOUGH! You're ready to compete with the big boys, and show 'em, mano a mano what your business image can do to knock 'em out of the ballpark. You're ready for an awesome new logo design to show off to the world. Ready for the change? All righty, then. You've come to the right place. Let's get started.

Need your current logo tweaked a little?

So you've been using your logo design since, like, forever. You like the overall feeling but you want to increase your logo's "wow" factor, all while maintaining its current look and feel so your customers still remember who you are. This one's for you. Let's do this.

Need files for your logo you had designed elsewhere, like 2000 years ago?

You like your current logo, designed in the stone ages (yeah, we're all about internet years at, but your designer never gave you a copy or left town with your files. So, you need to obtain files for your logo. Here's your solution.


Since 1996, See our work. 

Read our Testimonials.

Logo Design is a serious corporate matter. Get a new logo design, tweak your current logo, obtain files of your current logo designed elsewhere, or empower your brand through our diversified products & services, all built for your small business success.


Keep everything organized and look professional. Professional Double Pocket Full-Color Glossy Pocket Folders Printed with your Logo and Design. Ideal for Presentations.

Regular: $429
SALE: $279 for 250 Folders + FREE SHIPPING

Build your own Mascot Design Package

You've seen our Gallery and our quality logo design work, now it's time to build your own mascot design package.

Regular: $499
SALE: $249

Adapt your Logo for Social Networking

Adapt, Convert & Re-Size your existing logo design professionally sized to Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and/or Facebook Profile Page Specifications.

Regular: $119
SALE: $79

Logo Academy

Logo Academy, by is an intense personalized training seminar provided by our logo design experts with global branding experience, held over the phone and online and scheduled at your convenience, designed to assess and amplify your logo design and branding strategy. Reserve today, space is limited.

Regular: $799
SALE: $499

Standard Car Door Magnets (17.30" x 11.25")

Brand your vehicle (car or truck) with these standard car door magnets. Ideal for when you want to display your logo design, brand, announcement, along with your company phone number, website or marketing tagline or message.

Regular: $34.99
SALE: $20 each

Stress Balls

Stress balls are also great for showing your existing customers how thankful you are for their business. After each customer transaction, give them a custom stress ball with a statement showing that you’re a no-stress company.

Regular: $52
SALE: $39 for 2 dozen

Tape Measures

Give them a gadget that’s long on usefulness. Show them how you measure up with this versatile tool.

Regular: $75
SALE: $43 for 2 dozen

Here are 4 reasons you should consider 

1) We're a custom logo design company, NOT a cheap auction-type crowd-sourcer. Always have been. Since our beginnings in 1996.
There are several crowd-sourcing websites where many faceless designers with limited or no experience in quality logo design compete and bid on your logo design project. They are basically database written websites where designers from far away design your logo, with no personal interaction, and many with amateur design skills who may design a logo that is not unique and well thought out. Usually, those crowd-sourcers are not personally familiar with serious brand applications and brand strategies used internationally and are less familiar with the culture knowledge needed to design a logo that is serious and related to your audience, customers and business partners. Many of those crowd-sourcers use software like Photoshop, which is great for photos, but very bad for logo designs, and will deliver you logo files that may look good on your computer screen or website, but will be virtually impossible to use on multiple print mediums like letterheads, envelopes, signage, promo items, and business cards - just to name a few. We have a proprietary and comprehensive internal design process where our experienced design team, many of whom have been here from the start in 1996, thoroughly study your brand objectives and develop a unique logo design that is meaningful, impactful and well thought-out.

2) Reputation for Quality.
We have been mentioned in hundreds of websites, written about in several business books and online publications. Let's face it; there are many logo design companies on the web today. They come and go. We know the online logo design industry because we started it. Since our humble beginnings in 1996, our design department has grown tremendously to offer affordable and effective services, to help your small business succeed. We are also recommended by several renowned magazines, websites and consultants. We serve customers every day in almost every country, including the United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Australia and Japan.

3) Independent & Creative. We're an Independently-run company with one goal in mind, your success. Unlike some of our competitors, we're NOT part of a group of other companies backed financially by large multinational companies with ulterior motives.
We have seen a trend in the last few years, whereas some logo design companies have been acquired by large multinational corporations, printing companies, web-hosting companies, email marketing companies, and they have been bought out to fill a "piece of the pie" of a larger company. We guarantee a more personalized service without the telemarketing calls, spam emails and other solicitations that can drive you crazy. Moreover, we offer a marketing, branding and advertising expertise that no one else can. You can get the full package with us, without the hassle of dealing with endless “sub-providers” for different needs. At, you will work with ONE company, with vast experience in many branding initiatives. One Company. One Phone Number. One Website. You can order what you need, when you need it. Plain and Simple. Your success drives our success.

4) Logo Design Gallery
Judge a Logo Design Company by its portfolio. Through our team of talented designers, we offer you a multitude of various styles for your logo design project, including American Contemporary, New Age, Youth-Oriented, European, Asian Wisdom and many more. Since 1996, we have completed thousands of business-boosting logo design projects in multiple industries, each very unique and different. See for yourself and check out our impressive gallery with detailed logo descriptions – you won’t see anything like it!