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A remarkable logo design with an abundance of "heart" & "soul", for this publisher of self-help & spirituality based books and dvd videos. The concept of this design cleverly alludes to being empowered and growing from the heart, which is well represented by the two semi-verticle swooshes. These elements can also be interpreted together as a heart shape or even "energy" that is branching out from the heart. Hence a growing out from within. The bottom swoosh adds an "airy" or "floating" feeling to represent the lifting of oneself through spirituality.


This Logo Design Quick Facts

Client Name:
HeartCore Press

Koloa, HI

Industry Classification:
Media, Book and Video Publisher

Logo Design Focal Point (most important element in the logo design):
The use of symmetry on the left side and right side of the outer heart halves in the logo design. That forms the outline of the inner heart in the logo design, upper centered within the logo design.

Other creative details & information:
Purple is an excellent color for this holistic spiritual based publisher, as purple is a color of hope and renewal, so symbolically the two-tone purple used in this logo design combined with the mauve color enlighten and empower this logo design brand.