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Allematrat Logo DesignAllematrat Hotels & Resorts

It is the perfect name for a hotel, or resort. This is the type of hotel where well established companies could hold a conference. The greens are used to direct the viewer to promote an enhanced natural feeling that empowers this logo design. At the same time, the carefully designed and placed branches and petals convey the drawing of a "tropical" plant or tree, and this makes it also applicable to a brand cluster related to a resort hotel. It can go both ways, and it has, since labeled "hotels and resorts." Makes a distinctive overall impression that would make anyone proud the be associated with this image.

This Logo Design Quick Facts

Client Name:
Allematrat Hotels & Resorts

Province of Quebec, Other Provinces & States.

Industry Classification:
Hotel and Hospitality Industry

Logo Design Focal Point (most important element in the logo design):
The blending of the green and contrast of the yellow colors, create a visible presence. The abstract flower and tree that are the formed by the four petal-like and branch shapes uniquely centered and strategically placed within the lighter green background.

Other creative details & information:
Green and yellow was the favorite colors of its founder. The yellow petals and branch on the left side adds brightness to the logo design which enhances its uniqueness and brand positioning. Because a Hotel Logo Design is used on applications for many types of demographics, it is important to achieve a universal brand message related to the service and brand uniqueness as it was conveyed and applied to this unique hotel, resort and spa logo design.