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Welcome to the Reading Room. Here you will learn more about well designed logos and effective Corporate Identity, and how it affects our every day memory of a product or service.


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About us
All about GoLogo.com, how we started and about the creative process we endure.

Logo Styles We've Pioneered
Over the years, we have developed many of our own styles which catch attention.



Logo Design & Corporate Identity Articles

About Today's Corporate Identity
Learn about why companies are serious about what they look like to the world.

Creating Logos that Work
Many techniques are used when creating logos. Here are the ones that work.



Corporate Identity Issues & Useful Links

Trademark Protection, The Process and Cost
Trademarking your business name, products, logos, slogans and Domain Names will cost you now - or it will cost you later.

Creative Naming Services
Expert creative naming, renaming and legal trademark research services of your new company, product or slogan.

Now that I have my New Logo, What about my Checks?
You've just received your new logo and corporate identity kit, and are ready to order business forms. Before you contact your bank, software vendor or printer for new checks, here are a few things to keep in mind.